TelOne Official Announcement : Disruption of service


In the wake of their introduction of the new and affordable Ka band spectrum VSAT service which was welcomed by both corporate and individuals alike, TelOne yesterday announced a service disruption report to all its subscribers.

All TelOne stakeholders and clients should expect access interruptions to affect them on all their areas of network provision:

  • Voice services: this includes all phone (voice) calls either between the TelOne grid network (landlines) or between TelOne and any mobile service provider whether local or international. The interruptions are likely to affect both incoming and outgoing calls.
  • Internet services: both wired and wireless internet communications. Both uploads and downloads are included.

TelOne said the interruptions will affect service from Friday, 27 June to Monday, 30 June, 2014. “This is due to scheduled maintenance work being carried out on our network,” the official announcement said.


For support,  further queries and questions, they are reachable on the following numbers:

–          950 : for TelOne subscribers only

–          (04) 700 950 : Other networks

Alternatively, you may email TelOne on : [email protected]



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