TelOne offers Unlimted DEOD Premium Access To Clients

TelOne announced an unlimited entertainment promotion to its customers which has been running since the 1st of April 2020 until 1 July 2020.

Customers are to get a complimentary DEOD premium after subscribing to any uncapped telone data package.

Telone recently reviewed it’s data tariffs and uncapped data packages current costs are pegged at Infinity Supreme Package $3478.00 unlimited download cap , Intense extra package$ 2087.00 and the residential for Infinity Suprem for $2609.00

The unlimited entertainment is a package for, Digital Entertainment on Demand provide by the DEOD a Zimbabwean local platform catalogue streaming service ,just like Netflix launched in October 2018.

DEOD Premium package costs , currently cost DEOD Premium – Monthly$11.99,DEOD Premium – Week$4.50,DEOD Premium – Weekend$2.50 and DEOD Premium – Daily$0.90.

This can go a mile in entertaining people in the midst of a lockdown currently going on.

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