#MondayBlues: TelOne Must Be Stupid

ALL work with no play makes jack a dull boy. At times it hurts to listen a bit to advice especially if it sounds silly and unorthodox. Ultimately the package matters more than the packaging, yet still, detail is important because it is the package that defines the brand


Telone recently saw its subscriber base spike by a phenomenal 1400 subscribers.  While this may mean more landline subscribers, #MondayBlues is of the notion that these are actually ADSL subscribers driving the landline. 
By Bee Sting

TelOne is doing everything by the books and may soon learn the hard way  that at times it pays  to be dumb but  crafty  to achieve desired results.

We have been on their back for long simply because they are  one of the few parastatals in the ICT sector with real potential to come back and make serious  profits. Should they fine tune their game and  finally remove the parastatal mentality, TelOne’s future is way too bright.
There is a proverb that says “To whom much is given, much is required!” Telone is no exception and lives with this reality.

A direct connection to a CPU showing how a the computer reaches its default gateway ADSL modem

A direct connection to a CPU showing how a the computer reaches its default gateway ADSL modem

TelOne has the biggest advantage and widest reach with their already laid lines, where in most cases, it will take us more than 10 years to reach with fibre. TelOne is already in such areas and is not really capitalizing on the laid infrastructure.

Availability of copper landlines does not simply entail availability of the internet. The switches need to be upgraded and it costs  to make them deliver ADSL over copper yet still the costs cannot be compared to digging new fibre or running wiMax or satellite connectivity.

One major gold mine TelOne is sitting on are the Ghettos. TelOne is readily available in the high density areas  and all they simply need to do is remind the mass population the they can hook them up to both voice and data at the cheapest rates in the nation.

Millions are there unconnected and interestingly, these high density residential areas are said to be not fibre-ready because they do not really offer a business case to invest in them, alas, millions still need the internet.

The strategy TelOne should use for these ghettos is unorthodox, everyone needs cheaper connectivity but its not easy to make a cultural shift from your traditional system to the new ones.

If #MondayBlues were TelOne ,we would simply signup every house at no cost to the ADSL, give them free internet for 1 or two months simply to get subscribers and ask them to only pay for the third month thereafter, since this is really a game of numbers, the rest will become history. 

Sounds stupid right? Yes I know its a really stupid idea but I bet this kind of stupidity pays in this kind of an economy.

Invest in hardware so that every household can be convinced and connected at no cost so long as they have copper in their proximity. Some customers cannot make a decision and if you wait for them to chose you, they will never act upon it. 

It doesn’t hurt to really  woo, convince, trick or kindly coerce a client into getting your services, so long as you are sure that the kind you are chasing will ultimately pay..

The other sticking point is their requirements on joining their subscriber base. If I am going to give you a landline then there is really no need for proof of residence since the landline by functionality is fixed.
Some of these traditional demands are there to scare away and slowdown business. They do not at all build brands neither do they really protect the companies from the purported fear or risks. It’s time TelOne wakes up to reality and smell the coffee.

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