Telone lost 11 000 subscribers.

The state owned fixed operator, Telone has lost a total of 11 377 subscribers, from the last year`s trading period of 329,475 as at December 2014, from the 340,852 subscribers recorded in the third quarter revealed a Potraz mobile and fixed penetration report.
This represents a 3.3% decline from 340,852 subscribers recorded in the third quarter of 2014. The fixed teledensity declined from 2.6% to reach 2.5% as a result of the decline in subscribers. The switching capacity for the fixed telephone network remained unchanged at 473,700 subscribers” added the report.
fixed telone subsribers

However, an 8.3% increase in fixed telephone subscribers from 304,162 subscribers was recorded in December 2014.

This could be mainly attributed to the aggressive door to door campaign which the Telone team had earlier on undertaken as many people were once again reminded of the importance and significance of a landline to both home and business users.

The results were too evident as the nation saw a major uptake, in a relatively slow market, as the fierce battle for subscribers is now skewed towards mobile subscribers.

Telone should however need to start penetrating the mobile market and relook into their once popular CDMA technology that allowed landline owners to go mobile as this is very fundamental.

Nicole Madziwa

Telecel Zimbabwe Employees Appeal

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