TelOne Launching DEOD, Zim’s First VOD Service 

After years of rumors and speculation of Video On Demand (VOD) launching in Zimbabwe, It turns out that TelOne,  a state-owned converged telecommunications operator will be the first to hit the market.

TechnoMag can confirm TelOne is set to launch the first Video On Demand (VOD) service in Zimbabwe, which will deliver entertainment, news, sports and much more to their subscriber.

“We are set to deliver world-class content, from our local servers, which will mean fast speeds at lesser costs to us as the service providers and the viewers. Our cheapest package will be calling in for a paltry $5 subscription “ said a source.

TelOne will be offering this Digital Entertainment On Demand (DEOD) service to masses and is set to create excitement due to the low entry cost package of $5 compared to current entry level from DStv and other entertainment service providers regionally.

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The other major catch is the deliverability of their service will also be accessible over their hotspots, enabling anyone with a, mobile device to connect to the access point for entertainment.

The deal was structured between TelOne and an International entertainment service provider which will physically deliver content to the local TelOne servers, which then periodically updates them with time.

For renewal of content and continuous updates, TelOne will be running a Content Delivery Network (CDN) pipe, likely through Johannesburg for continuous update and synchronizing to keep fresh and new content like movies on their servers.

The deal will see great speeds of streaming as the content is now locally hosted while some through some mirroring cache server technology which even makes remote content look and responds like it’s all hosted locally.

However, the deal will be bigger and better if TelOne manages to sign up more youths and active content creators, who are pushing hundreds of great content like music videos to YouTube.

If only all Zimdancehall artists, churches and event organizers will find excitement and need to push their videos and content to the TelOne local servers then this is the beginning of locally hosted content in Zimbabwe and has opportunities to boom the industry.

The last we checked, TelOne local data center was not yet optimized for Storage As a Service (SAAS), they seem to be focusing more on Platform As A Service and Software As A Service, (SAAS), and they need to take Local content storage seriously.

However, most local government hosting servers are often down reducing market confidence in the service.

With the new TelOne $98 million funding which has brought in a fresh fiber line through South Africa FromBulawayo and their data center, TelOne is set on a growth trajectory, as they invade the digital space with new products, backed by fresh infrastructure.

This is part of their strategy to profitability as most of their old infrastructure has gone obsolete and deprecated, forcing their fixed asset value to go south.

How Zimbabwe will respond to the service will tell the tale, at the backdrop of a national DSTV outcry as they have kept their tariff beyond reach of many

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