Telone knocking doors to recover $300m


By Toneo Tonderai Rutsito
Telone is currently on an aggressive drive to recover $300m owed by its clients and has since engaged debt collectors doing door to door check-ups against owing clients nationwide.

In a statement, the Chief Executive officers with Telone Mrs Chipo Mutasa said “Telone wishes to advise its clients that our credit control team will be conducting client premises visits to all clients with outstanding communication bills “
“The debt collection campaign is a nationwide campaign aimed at bolstering efforts by credit control department. We are aiming at recovering $50 million from debtors during the next quarter,” she added.

Telone is also considering garnishing the payments from civil servants salaries as it makes arrangements with the public service commission.

The fixed landline operator is also largely owed by Government departments and ministries due to its credit system service, a large number of its customers have been enjoying their services and defaulting payment.
This year they have successfully changed their ADSL broadband system into a prepaid sytem to cover such serious exposures

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