TelOne Groundbreaks $ 7 million Bulawayo-Beitbridge Fibre Link

TelOne today conducted a ground breaking ceremony as they kick off their Bulawayo-Beitbrige fibre link under their National BroadBand (NBB) Backbone project in Esigodini, Bulawayo adding up a redundant  backbone network Zimbabwe, at an event officiated by DeMinister Of ICTPS Hon Win Mlambo. 

As the state owned enterprise rolls out part of the $98 million loan facility, TelOne is working on capacitating its infrastructure  as it rolls fibre link across the length and breath of the nation.

The $7.7 million national fibre project will be providing adequate transmission capacity to all exchanges along its route namely Esigodini Gwanda, West Nicholson and Beitbridge. As a result TelOne will be able to provide high speed internet and other broadband services to communities and businesses served by these exchanges.

This becomes their first direct link to lastmile in Johannesburg, after having initial connections through the  West Indian Ocean Cable,TelOne will now be carrying its data direct, a major move which will affect their pricing policy and improve their business through the new link.

Speaking during the offical groundbreaking ceremony, the TelOne Board executive said that they expect the project to be switched on by June this year as they expedite the process, which is powered by Huawei, an international telecommunications giant which running most of their solutions.

Telone Commisioning bulawayo beitbridge fibre

“We have targeted the end of July this year, to switch on the Bulawayo-Beitbridge link, a move which will greatly impact our broadband services, tariffs and speeds at national level and directly benefit the Southern region as we shall be connecting the communities along our way as well.”

The project is another milestone in line with the company’s strategic direction which is transforming the company’s business model through a shift from a fixed landline to a broadbrand based business as TelOne Converges.

The Backbone project is greatly beneficial to the surrounding community and the nation at large as it delivers direct socio-economic benefits for people in the catchment areas whole at the same time attracting business and contribution teaching and learning opportunities.

Africa fibre cable

In his speech the Telone board chairman Engineer Charles Shamhu, emphasized how the Backbone link will result in robust and resilient backbone network and this being a sub-project born out of the national Broadband Project under the China Exim Bank facility being implemented by Huawei.

”The ground breaking we are conducting here is for a 330km link of buried fibre encompassing Bulawayo, Esigodini, West Nicholson and Beitbridge providing a backbone capacity of 100gbs. In this digital era ,speed is an important factor, and as TelOne the development mean that we will be able to provide fast connectivity to our customers”, alluded Engineer Shamhu.

The mandate to roll out the national optic fibre backbone has been given to TelOne whom the government are expecting to drive connectivity in the undeserved areas which one could argue has been long overdue.

In a speech by the Minister of ICT, Postal and Courier services read by Honourable Deputy Minister Win Mlambo said,” I am glad to note that the Bulawayo-Beitbridge backbone project provides a link that will connect Zimbabwe to the rest of the world through South Africa, which is a cheaper route.”

TelOne is indeed going that extra step in bringing the nation together we await for more amazing innovations.

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