TelOne FREE Calls Promo Get Heads-turning.

While many may have argued that mobility in communication is the only sound strategy in this digital age, TelOne  promotion has got heads turning amongst its competitors who are already unleashing VoIP based fixed-mobile solutions to the enterprise market.

The relevance and uptake of usage for fixed communications has completely refused to be relegated to the underdogs club, but in fact managed to still hold on as the official communication standard, for the business though the home clients have considerably dwindled.

By Marvelous Chibagidi

TelOne has through the generations been connecting loved ones and it has even made it easier through its promotion of unlimited TelOne to TelOne calls from Monday to Friday between 6pm and 6am.

This promotion comes at a time where telecommunication companies are out to give their clients the best of services and promotions and these are known as Value Added Services(VAS)

The unlimited TelOne to TelOne calls promotion is valid only to the fully paid up subscribers hence one could say the subscribers are enjoying the benefits of their loyalty to the TelOne brand so at the end of the day everyone benefits.

TelOne also offers free calls on public holidays so that day at home on a public holiday will not be as boring as one can catch up to all they missed that’s a day well spent with the aid of TelOne and better trust you won’t have a shocking bill at the end of the month.




A number of people are yet to get how the toll free service really works and this is also one of the Value Added Services being offered by the company.

The toll-free service then makes it easy for clients and customer of organizations to inquire with their service providers hence the expense of an inquiry call lies with the company being called.

Gone are the days when one has to worry about missing calls on their landline when they leave home or the office thanks to the TelOne call divert service where one can divert calls from their landline to another landline or cellphone.

One can register for the call divert service by dialing *21*selected number#.

In this global village many people are working from the same organization but from different parts of the world and this has been made easier by the call conference service provided by Telone.

TelOne allows a user to be able to put the current call on hold whilst taking another one this ensures that one won’t miss all the important calls and at the same time offering the call forwarding service where one can simply forward the call on the landline to another number immediately.

TelOne continues to impress as it has been connecting generations and generations and is still going further as its Value Added Services have the customers enjoying value for their money and testifying that truly even after generations TelOne is still bring people together.




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