Telkom readies for 40 Mbps, Zimbabwe boasts of 2 Mbps


By Toneo T Rutsito
TechnoMag has been closely watching the developments Down South with serious interest and envy as we gathered information that our neighbor, South Africa is now gong for whooping DSL speeds of 40mbps.
A report IN ITWeb Africa says Trials of 20 Mbps and 40 Mbps internet services have been completed by South African fixed line operator Telkom.

“The company has said in a statement that based on this ‘success’, Telkom Wholesale is planning to launch DSL speeds of up to 20Mbps and 40mbps to the market from 4 March 2013.”

The pilot took place in areas where Telkom has upgraded its network.

The telecommunications company says that 90% of participants on the 20Mbps services consistently synced at 20Mbps and 74% of the 40Mbps participants consistently synced at 40Mbps.

“This upgrade is the next step in our efforts to provide ubiquitous, quality broadband in the country,” says Telkom’s Wholesale and Networks managing director, Bashier Sallie, in a statement.

These speeds are still imaginary in Zimbabwe with most ISPs only offering a maximum of 2Mbps to their clients.
DSL service is only attainable by companies who have the telephone, fixed lines and this is mostly a prerogative of government, and in Zimbabwe our state owned Telone only recently implemented the technology. with minimum speeds of 256kbps and maxmum of not more than 2Mbps although their website says something else totally different
telone building
It is our sincere hope that as our regional countries implement real broadband speeds, our nation also adjusts as we have been fairly catching up on the backbone infrastructure instead of always trailing behind especially in much cheaper technologies.

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