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#MondayBlues: Telesnail Turnaround Pace at Telecel


If Telecel Zimbabwe’s progress was a technology, it certainly was 56k dial up technology, tele  dialing at snail pace to invent its new word termed by many Telesnail.

The giant of yester year and Zimbabwe’s most promising MNO has unfortunately been allowed to lay to rest, literally,  while it has aggressively fought for its  gasps of air, it seems  no one from the shareholders seem to notice or care, the auto pilot button has been hit  and the  captain jumped ship.

This is the sad state of Telecel!

And no one is taking  responsibility!

At one point in time, Telecel Zimbabwe was the fastest growing mobile network, quarter by quarter, Potraz recorded serious subscriber jump, it was the only real threat to Econet Wireless shaking up the market with  great innovation and bespoke  technology.

The red brand was sizzling hot and ready to take over the market, no one matched their creativity and product lines with robust network infrastructure.

To date they have a couple of 4g base stations in  Harare and few more in other  towns and cities. Those 3g base stattions that are still functioning, would be lucky if they are still in service as half the time they can not afford basic fuel to keep them running.

The investor has abandoned ship, expecting base station  capitalization and network remodeling to be done through sale of  airtime  juice cards.

Management under the same circumstances has been found wanting, making  it impossible to turn around the unit.

Netone has received more than  USD $600million yet Econet has invested more than a billion in the last 5years, but for Telecel a figure  shy below $50 million and one  wonders who really owns this company?

Why did the government buy an  asset they are not willing to invest in ?

What is Economic Cooperation doing to protect their own shareholding capital if at all they care about it .

If these two have surely failed to recapitalize the  vihecle what does it  take  to find a serious telecoms  investor to take over the  asset and bring  back life to the Mobile network.

The deafening  silence over Telecel Zimbabwe is a cause of  concern that actually demands the  President of the republic to intervene over and make statement or broker deals that  brings back the company to life before we lose more employment as the future has been gloomy and doomed.

But this is not a natural problem, it was man made, so it demands that its man fixed and move the  asset forward.

#MondayBlues: The NetOne Nonsense Must Stop!

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