Telecel`s Promo, A Chance To "Go Brazil"

By Sean Maqhawe Moyo

Telecel Zimbabwe has launched an exciting promotion dubbed Go Brazil, with prizes worth more than $200 000, including four prizes of an all-expenses paid trip for two to the soccer World Cup in Brazil.


Four lucky subscribers will each receive two tickets for the World Cup, with Telecel paying the cost of the air fares, visas and bed and breakfast accommodation in a three star hotel in Rio de Janeiro, as well as some spending money.


Other prizes include cash prizes of up to $10 000, World Cup jerseys and Samsung handsets.


There are two ways of participating in the promotion, which runs until 8 August. The first, which is only open to pre-paid subscribers, is by sending a free text message with the letter “B” to 33330.


After that points are awarded every time the subscriber recharges the phone with airtime. The more airtime loaded for calls, the more points earned. The more points earned the greater the chances of winning the World Cup prize.


A newly activated Telecel prepaid line earns 20 points, as does a reactivated line. A recharge of a dollar earns 10 points, while a recharge of two dollars earns 30 points. Loading five dollars airtime earns 100 points, while $10 earns 250 points and $20 earns 600 points.


The second way of participating in the promotion, which is open to both pre-paid and post-paid subscribers, is to send a blank text message to 33566. Every time subscribers do this, they will receive three questions related to football for them to answer at a cost of 25 cents.


A correct answer earns the subscriber 10 points. Five points are awarded if the answer is incorrect.


Those who accumulate points by answering questions by SMS have the opportunity to win cash prizes in weekly and monthly draws. There will be six prizes of $500 every week of the promotion and a monthly prize of $10 000. A subscriber can only win one weekly and one monthly prize.


Two of the World Cup packages will be won by subscribers who have earned points through recharging their phone with airtime. The other two will be won by subscribers who have earned their points through answering questions.


All prize winners will be selected through a draw, with the number of points accumulated determining the number of entries a subscriber has in the draw.


In addition to the World Cup draws at the end of the promotion there will be draws for World Cup jerseys and two Samsung handsets.


Those earning points when they recharge their airtime can opt to redeem points at threshold levels of 50 points, 100 points, 200 points and 500 points for airtime, data or SMSs, although by doing so they will reduce the number of points they have and so reduce the number of entries they have in the draws for the World Cup prize.


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