Telecel`s New Vicfalls Branch In Pictures

By Toneo Tonderai Rutsito

As we recently reported that Telecel Zimbabwe is officially unveiling its new branches across Victoria Falls, we earlier on broke the story without pictures and we are glad to furnish you up now!

Telecel say they specifically moved this branch to a much more spacious and accessible store along the main street.

Officially opening the branch, Telecel Zimbabwe Customer Operations Director Zodwa Chinyenze said Telecel had been working on enhancing and improving the service it provides in Victoria Falls for the benefit both of the delegates to the UNWTO general assembly and other visitors to the Victoria Falls and of the people of Victoria Falls.

She said the technical improvements effected by Telecel in Victoria Falls and the surrounding areas were intended to provide lasting high quality mobile voice and data connectivity.

“The opening of this branch is part of our efforts to further improve the service we offer in this town. The branch is more spacious and more conveniently located than the branch it replaces.

“It is also part of our efforts to extend and improve our branch network. This branch is one of nine new branches Telecel has opened recently. By the end of the year we expect to have opened a further five new branches,” she said.

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