Telecel Resurrects Mega Bonus!

by Perseverance Tavagwisa

Just when as I was thinking Telecel had outdone itself by running the popular bonus promo, it has come to our attention that they can still re invent their strategy.

Telecel has added more value to the Mega bonus as now for the same value of a dollar, you now get an awesome $1.50 worth of talk time ACROSS all networks!!!

The spellbinding offer does not end there. The same value dollar will also give you $0.35 of messages and $0.15 of Free Data. Now this translates to an awesome $2 value for every dollar recharged. But, what’s the difference? Is it not still the same as before?

The ingenious difference is that prior to the added value, for a single dollar recharge there was only the option of having just $1 worth of talk time  across all networks  with no free data or messages as these would trigger a further reduction to the recharge value.

The upside of the previous bonus was that you would get a $1 value talk time for the home network (when the recharge value is used up) that translated to a total value of $2 again. This new Mega bonus sort of gives more options to the user without sacrificing to much on the main balance!

How? Well, for the previous bonus you would feel stuck after emptying the main balance especially when the person you are trying to reach does not have a Telecel line! That meant you have $1 worth of talk time but are still confined to home network.

With the addition of a further $0.50 cents on the new Mega bonus, aside fgrom the extra credit (50cents) you still have the option to text using the $0.35 worth of messages, if that doesn’t get the required attention ,well, there is always the $0.15 worth of data to get across.

Mega bonus anyone???

The package is still being tested further updates are to be expected…

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