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Telecel Zimbabwe Speaks Out, Allays Closure Fears


Telecel Zimbabwe has officially spoken about the long ongoing network challenges they have been facing for some weeks now, confirming that the network is going through serious challenges ,  amidst outcry from their subscribers and fear of network closure.

Telecel Zimbabwe  CEO Angeline Vere confirmed that the network has  been  facing serious network challenges, but laughed off any rumors of closure stating that those are nothing but unfounded lies driven by ignorant speculation.

She however said that the network challenge is being caused by expired software running on their network, which has now been updated but taking time to finally propagate.

“At the moment, customers are failing to make voice calls and
at times access data services. This is due to expired software on the main Mobile Switching Controller (MSC). The software has since been renewed. However, the network is still having call control rejections.”

Vere said Telecel Zimbabwe would like to draw the public‘s attention to the current network challenges that it has been experiencing intermittently.  She  however said that the break down was caused by the system upgrade to renew system

“The Company is working in close co-operation with the vendor Huawei, to rectify the challenge and we are confident of resolution in the shortest possible time. We would like to assure all stakeholders that there is no Regulatory threat to the operating license and we expect normal services to resume as soon as the technical challenge is rectified.”

Telecel Zimbabwe has been facing serious network issues with most subscribers failing to to make phone calls while a few have  access to data service.

The CEO However insisted that all was now under control and the system must be up and running in the shortest possible time



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