Telecel Zimbabwe: Video, We are ready for Mobile Number Portability

During a one on one interview with the Telecel Marketing Director Mr Octivius Mutsa Kahiya, HE revealed that they are ready for mobile number portability.

Previously we described what Mobile Number Portability is all about and its advantages to Zimbabwean subscribers.
in brief it is a system that makes it possible for users to switch mobile networks, yet they continue to keep their mobile phone numbers.

This then means the phone number is no longer tied up to the network as is, with the current system.

This technology has been there in most countries and has seen increased competition as providers are no longer forcing subscribers to stick to their networks only to keep the mobile number active, most of which subscribers have been using for years and fear to lose contact once they switch networks.
During our interview the Marketing Director with Telecel says he is confident that they will retain their subscribers and even woo more should the system be implemented.

A Potraz official however poured water on the suggestion as he personally believes that Zimbabwe is still miles from implementing such a system especially due to limited resources.

Here is more from the Telecel Marketting Director in Video

Here is more from the Telecel Marketting Director in Video”telece Marketing Director Mr Octivius  Mutsa Kahiya speaks to toneo Rutsito editor of technomag

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