Telecel Unveils The Best Mobile Data Bundles

Telecel has moved on to counter competition by introducing currently  the best mobile data bundle which offers affordable data at the lowest price than its rivals.

While there is  still general concern over the existence and operational issues at Telecel Zimbabwe, atleast the innovation team has just shown a sign of life by releasing the best mobile broadband data in Zimbabwe, to date aptly dubbed the “Happy Day” Data Bundles, however these still makes them second to NetOne technically because they only expire  after 24hrs.

By Shingie Levison Muringi 

Telecel Zimbabwe yesterday introduced the Happy Day Data Bundles where a $1 gives you 300MB and $2 gives you 1Gb of data and 50c buys you 60MB. To access the data bundles, you can just dial *470#. All the data bundle packages are valid for 24hrs.


Ofcourse the term “Best” is only limited in the pricing , while we are yet to actually test their network data speeed and coverage issues, this may be a  major pull back considering they are still running only on 3G max, while their competitors have agressively gone for 4g nationwide implemantion.

It was the only mobile network which still had the most expensive  data bundles with their dollar still buying only 10mb.

Exactly 10 months ago, Econet Wireless Zimbabwe broke the ice with $1 per 250mb data bundles a move that we openly called madness as Zimbabwe were thrilled to the heart with the amazing offer.They then introduced  midnight bundles for a whooping 1gig for just $1, but these did not last longer before termination.

Netone followed suit with a disappointing false start with their hot bundles that we openly condemed for being luke warm, these were charging from $3 costing 70 mb while the top notch will cost $50 per 2g. However they quickly sobered up and released the real hot bundles, these New NetOne data bundles were a real market mover with an amazing $1 per 270mb lasting for 48hrs.

However Telecel Zimbabwe bounces back on top with their $1 per 300mb but they have failed to challenge the 48hrs threshold that was set by NetOne.

Telecel recently offered its subscribers the Mega Chat Bundles which were accessed through the *480# short code which still offer whatsapp, facebook, SMSs and promotional voice balances.


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