“Telecel” Successfuly Advertises On Econet Bulk Sms Platform

By Toneo Tonderai Rutsito

While we were just in the middle of investigating purported “sabotage” by Econet Wireless on all bulk SMS service providers, i was personally shocked to see that the technical guys at Econet have not only been beaten but asked to serve their own lunch to their formidable competitor.

A bulk SMS has successfully hit through the Econet gateway coming from sender ID 501, and yes its a Telecel advert kindly advising the Econet subscribers to cross over.

At first i thought i was making a mistake somehow, but we confirmed , many surely did receive the message on their Econet numbers.

The message is saying ”

“Good news!!!! Move over to Telecel and enjoy 100% FREE bonus across all networks in the Telecel Mega Juice Reloaded Promotion. Buy your Telecel line Today!”

We would like to believe that the technical team at Econet by now already have got heads up on the matter and most likely blocked the gateway, or who knows, (maybe they are just fully aware of the position if not arrangement.)

Instead of casting your net much wider, Telecel, or the “person/group” involved has simply found it easier to just go fishing from the fish pond by telling the direct opposite subscribers to simply cross over.

Whichever way, the message was successfully sent and personally i was just clueless of how such a move could be allowed propagate.Ofcourse you cant block all gateways and it seems someone is telling Econet in a much harsher way.

Considering that Econet has been tightening screws on Bulk SMS players, well this one was just an on goal, which im sure will lead to another season of dirty play.

We tried to get confirmation from all the service providers involved but by the time of running this article we had not yet gotten a response.

Like always We shall keep you posted on the matter.

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