Affirmative: Telecel Readies For TeleCash Launch!

By Toneo Tonderai Rutsito

Telecel Zimbabwe will be officially Launching their own money transfer agent which they have already dubbed “TeleCash”.

An official with Telecel Zimbabwe has confirmed that they have already signed up thousands of agents around the country and they are almost ready to roll up the project.

“What we can confirm is that definitely before the year ends, we shall be officially launching Telecash to the nation” said the source.
Take no wild guess this is surely going to be a contender to the Econet`s Ecocash although here the game of numbers will obviously be a major advantage, im are much more interested in reading between the lines.

Ecocash currently at more than 3 million subscribers, Econet recently announced and confirmed that they will not be connecting other mobile operators, which is a total of more than 5million subscribers who by default are not accessing the Ecocash service from both players ie Telecel and Netone.

Ofcourse this figure may never be correct since some subscribers who have a Telecel or Netone Line may also be having the Econet line to do Ecocash transactions, but how many of these subscribers completely do not have an Econet line?

This is the biggest blunder which Econet made by withdrawing Ecocash transfers to other networks .

I strongly feel that if Ecocash was still able to interconnect, it would make no sense for Telecel to launch this service as most Zimbabweans would have already found comfort in Ecocash.

Personally, I think the Success of Telecash greatly depends on the termination of Ecocash interconnection services, this is the move Econet is most likely going to rue and subsequent increase of subscribers they had anticipated for from other networks will likely see a dip.

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