Telecel Promises Smooth Re-Licencing.

Telecel, Zimbabwe`s second biggest mobile operator by subscriber base has its operational licence expired and is now facing a 20 year renewal contract.

Amid speculation that the mobile operator is facing a very difficult hurdle to re-licence following a surge in the licence fee currently increased to $137 million, plus shareholding issues to meet the government indeginisation policy, Telecel has announced that all is under control.

Telecel communications and brand director Mr Obert Mandimika recently said “Our shareholders have advised us that there are several initiatives underway and several meetings have been held over the most recent past with the relevant authorities including the Ministry of Transport, Communications and Infrastructural Development,”

This was in response to Transport, Communications and Infrastructural Development Minister Nicholas Goche, whose ministry oversees telecoms operations, whom had recently said the company’s cellular operator’s licence will not be renewed until it has rectified the shareholding anomaly.

“Besides the speculative tendencies and some unwarranted statements from other media houses, Telecel licence did not expire yesterday, it is now almosts a month and they are positive talks already on ground to sail through”, said a source

Mr Mandimika added to that and said “Telecel continues to meet all requirements and continues to operate as usual. The process for renewal of Telecel’s licence is underway and we expect this matter to be completed soon”

Econet Wireless Zimbabwe was also re-licenced for the same fee of $137 million last month for the next 20 years and it’s a pre-requisite for all mobile operators.

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