Telecel Now offers customers smart phones on credit

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Telecel is now offering smart phones and iPads on credit combined with any one of its Telecel Red packages.

The mobile devices are available on credit on 11 month or 24 month contracts for subscribers on any of the three Telecel Red packages.

The amount of the deposit and monthly repayment depends on the handset or tablet and the Telecel Red package chosen.

The phones available are the Huawei Y200, Samsung Luisa, Samsung Galaxy S3, Samsung Galaxy S4, Samsung Galaxy Note 2, iPhone 5 and the iPad4.

The devices are available directly from Telecel for the 11 month contract or through a credit facility being provided by Kingdom Bank for the 24 month alternative. Applications for the Telecel Red cellphone Combos through the bank have to meet Kingdom’s lending criteria.

Monthly payments, including the Telecel Red subscription, range from $47 to $245, depending on the Telecel Red package, the handset chosen and the repayment period.

“Telecel is excited to announce that our Telecel Red package offerings now come with various mobile devices,” commented Telecel chief commercial officer Ashraf El Guindy.

“This offering gives our subscribers the opportunity to buy smart phones and tablets through affordable monthly instalments. We will with time extend the range of products that can be bought on credit in combination with a Telecel Red package.

“Our mobile devices are being sold at the most competitive rates on the market in line with our focus on affordability and value for all our product and service offerings.

He said Telecel’s long-term goal was to bring down the price of mobile communication technology and services so that more Zimbabweans are able to connect with each other affordably on its network.

“We believe Telecel Red will increase access to smart phones for those subscribers who would not have been able make once off payments for them. It allows our Telecel Red customers to take full advantage of the data services that we provide,” Mr El Guindy said.

There are three packages available under Telecel Red. These are Telecel Red 30, Telecel Red 60 and Telecel Red 150. The Telecel Red number corresponds to the monthly subscription and local usage value before Value Added Tax.

Telecel Red is a unique contract platform that allows the customer to make unlimited calls to either one Telecel number, all Telecel numbers or any local number, depending on the package chosen, in addition to local usage up to the value of the package subscription. There is also a certain amount of free data and, with two of the options, free text messages.

The option to add a handset to the Telecel Red plan is available to existing Telecel Red customers as well as new customers. The mobile devices on offer from Telecel come with warranties that vary in length from six months or one year right through to two years depending on the device and manufacturer.

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