Telecel Introduces Night Shift Data Bundles, Lasting 48hrs.

The newly acquired state Mobile Network Operator (MNO) Telecel Zimbabwe is not done yet, after launching the most affordable mobile broadband data bundles in Zimbabwe yesterday, they seem to be adding the icing to the cake with some interesting “Night Shift” data bundles.

Telecel reintroduced  new night shift data bundles, exactly the same package they launched last year towards Christmas, but this time it’s an early Christmas gift offering which is likely to tick.

By Toneo Tonderai Rutsito

In a statement Telecel Zimbabwe announced that their new night shift data bundles will offer 350mb of data per every dollar, interestingly this will last for 48 hrs, making it ideal for people who need longer data life, outside work Wi-Fi environment.

The Telecel  daily data bundles are however slowly getting popular with many in Zimbabwe who demand mobile broadband on the go.

Telecel Zimbabwe mobile data bundles

They have not approached the data bundles with the Econet style of offering more usage per night  but rather focused on extended lifespan.

The biggest night data bundles to hit the Zimbabwean market were the $1 for 2g by Econet Wireless Zimbabwe which caused quite a stir with most online junkies download so much more daily,  forcing Econet to terminate the promotion.



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