Telecel Goes For An Offensive Promotion $1 for 200m

By Toneo Tonderai Rutsito

Telecel Zimbabwe has not been deterred by the current Econet interconnection problems, in fact for the same “real reasons” they have been disconnected, they have gone on a real offensive this time.

In a move to keep their subscribers connected to the Network, Telecel Zimbabwe has dropped yet another “mad” promotion; they have called the Super voice Bundle.

They are now saying “Talk for 200minutes for just$1 or 90minutes for 50cents a day”

For a normal call which is charged around 23cents per minute for local, Telecel has completely thrown that away and are now charging just 0.005 cents per minute.

According to a confirmed source with Econet, this is the same” real reason” why Econet decided to end up terminating calls from Telecel.
A source with Econet claims that Telecel is deliberately distorting the telecoms trends.

“We cant even afford bonus calls on Econet network for a month but Telecel has gone for more than 90days practicing an unsustainable tactic, Now our subscribers demand equal, Telecel is only causing distortions to the market”, he added
The same strategy can work well in fighting the interconnection frustration faced by Telecel subscribers.

Instead of seeing a mass exodus from Telecel, Subscribers will find no reason why not cross over to Telecel for the same promotional period since communication has been virtually made free.

“This will see a huge jump in Telecel subscriber base as they will be no real need to call across network”, said an analyst

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