Telecel Gives Away $10k To Go Brazil Winner & Cash prizes

Telecel Zimbabwe today (Wednesday) presented four more Go To Brazil Bhora promotion winners with tickets to the 2014 FIFA World Cup, while another subscriber received a $10 000 cash prize.


Twenty-two other subscribers were announced the winners of cash prizes of $500 each. The money was transferred into their telecash accounts.telecel  go 2


The Go to Brazil World Cup prizes include air tickets and the cost of the visa application and bed-and-breakfast accommodation in a three-star hotel in Rio de Janeiro. The prize also includes some spending money.


The new winners of the World Cup prizes were Gerald Rudzuna, Style Machaisi, Tendai Marinde and Frank Ndinga. They will watch the France vs Ecuador match on 25 June.


The $10 000 cash prize was won by Dennis Zaba.


Igor Barbosar, a representative from Brazil, congratulated the winners and said he was happy that Brazil appeared to be a country that was liked in Zimbabwe as everyone was talking about it.


He congratulated Telecel on the initiative it had taken in affording the winners an opportunity to visit Brazil.


“Congratulations, Telecel, for this initiative. Winners will no doubt have a nice time in Brazil. Brazil is a nice country and Rio de Janeiro is the most beautiful city in the world. You will have a wonderful time there,” he told the winners.


Prize winners were clearly ecstatic about winning.


“I never expected my participation in this promotion to yield this result,” said Dennis Zaba, winner of the $10 000 cash prize.


“When I started playing I was doing it as a joke. Even my family kept laughing at me. Now I am short of words. Thank you very much, Telecel. I will not tire. In future I will keep on playing in such promotions,” he said.


Gerald Shamu, who only recently became a Telecel subscriber, not only expressed his happiness at winning a ticket to Brazil but spoke with enthusiasm about the benefits of using Telecel.


“I was using another network for almost three years and only recently moved over to Telecel after I discovered from friends that it is fast on broadband.


“I then realised that it also has promotions such as this one and when you participate in the promotions you truly win. You are not cheated. Now I am even encouraging others at home to switch to Telecel,” he said.


Another FIFA World Cup ticket winner, Style Machaisi, said Brazil would be the first country he visited after having applied only recently for a passport.


“I have always participated in previous promotions and started participating in this one from the word go.


“Something in me kept encouraging me to participate and, to imagine, I only applied for my passport on 12 May this year and now the first country that I will visit is overseas. Thank you Telecel for making my dream come true,” he said.


Telecel chief commercial officer Ashraf El Guindy congratulated the winners and thanked customers for participating in the promotion.


He said there were many other ways in which they could benefit from the what Telecel had to offer, including by taking advantage of the newly launched Telecel Go, which offers a choice of tariffs that provide cheap rates across all networks and is anchored on big savings and affordability.


“There is lots of value that we are offering. There are lots of benefits and everyone is a winner with Telecel,” said Mr El Guindy.


The Go to Brazil Bhora promotion was launched about two months ago. Since its launch four other subscribers have won the all expenses paid trips to Brazil while plenty more have won $500 cash prizes, Sony handsets and World Cup jerseys.


There are two ways of participating in the promotion, which runs until August 8. The first is by sending a free text message with the letter “B” to 33330. This option is open to pre-paid subscribers only.


After sending the message, subscribers receive points every time they recharge their phones with airtime. The more airtime loaded for calls, the more points earned, which increases the chances of winning prizes.


The second way of participating in the promotion, which is open to both pre-paid and post-paid subscribers, is by sending a blank text message to 33566. Every time subscribers do this, they will receive three questions related to football for them to answer at a cost of 25 cents.


A correct answer earns the subscriber 10 points, while five points are awarded for incorrect answers.

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