Telecel Gets High Ratings In Toll-Free Services


Telecel has been recorded as having the most preferred toll-free service by a significant proportion of both household and corporate consumers, the Potraz 2018 Consumer Satisfaction Survey has revealed.

On a 7-point scale ranging from extremely dissatisfied (1) to very satisfied (7) household consumers gave Telecel a positive rating of 5.66 and corporate consumers gave it a 5.50. NetOne came in second with 5.27 from household consumers and 5.36 from the corporate sector.

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Econet had the lowest ratings from both household and corporate consumers getting 4.05 and 4.30 respectively. These ratings have not affected the service provider from becoming the most preferable operator with 89 percent of household consumers and 88 percent of corporate users using its services.

NetOne is used by 26 percent of household consumers and 36 percent of corporate users then Telecel, is used by 10 percent of household consumers and 13 percent of corporate users.

The survey was conducted by Topline Research Solutions to measure customer’s satisfaction levels with overall service delivery from their respective postal, telecommunication and courier service providers.

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