#Mondayblues: Telecel Executives Survive The Chop.

Telecel Zimbabwe executives will not be facing the axe as the tussling over control between the ministry of ICT and NSSA finally seems to settle down towards an arrangement giving Zarnet full control.

NSSA had earlier on hinted a complete clean sweep and a new Telecel Board, should they run the telecoms.

Speaking recently during the Telecel Zimbabwe cocktail event, The ICT Postal and Courier services minister Hon Supa Mandiwanzira announced that the Telecel Executives are here to stay and not going nowhere.

I would like to thank Angeline Vere and her entire management team who remained faithdul and loyal, when the deal was abput to happen and was happening, there were many people who were saying Supa is bringing in his own people., well you are my people .”

The statement goes to confirm certainty over Telecel Zimbabwe and its management team, to settle the dust over possible shake up, as the government comnletes the deal/

Many peole had speculated that the te new board being stirred by the ICT ministry will bring in it s own executives to stir the the ship towards the new dispensation.

However government is stil yet to announce the fully functional Telecel Zimbabwe boardf as James maba and jane Mutasa still hang on to their share , anmisdt a possible early buyout.

Supa added that he was happy and confident with the current executive, as he stated that theur sdtartegy has been the mosty successful one , even over NetOne, and had no interst in seeing anything change\

The minister said that as government they will run Telecel Zimbabwe professional and profitably against many who think that it will be run down.

He said tha telecel is a profotable compa ny and it made sense for them as government to invest in it as they broaden their ICT portifolio .

There is always an attitude that anything that is in government is dead, and some were questioning why we would want to buy telecel Zimbabwe, when we already NetOne, Well the reason Is simple, Telecel is a prof

Telecel Zimbabwe is set to finalise the complete buyout deal in 18months after the transaction is completed as the government closes the installment dela they have with Vimplecom.

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