(Updated) Telecel Employees Face The Axe


Telecel Zimbabwe will not be renewing contracts for hundreds of its employees across the nation as the company effects a cost cutting measure, flashing a red light for many who will soon be joining the nation`s unemployed statistics.

Impeccable sources at the company have confirmed the move, but could not officially speak over the weekend as they awaited official communication to be first released, concerning the matter.

By Toneo Tonderai Rutsito

However, sources confirmed that Telecel Zimbabwe will soon be rendering hundreds, (infact official information has just confirmed that only 250 contract employees, ) a move only alluded to as a cost cutting measure.

We finally confirmed from the official source that only employees hired for the Telecash subscriber acquisition on a 6 month contract will be seeing their last day the telecoms company as soon as the hour hand hits the clock.

Full responds and statistics have just been availed and we will be posting that shortly as Telecel responds to our job cut our initial statement.

“There is no fixed day when the employees will all leave, they have various contracts and will be leaving as as when their contracts expire, and this will happen over a long period of time but not instantly,” added the source
TechnoMag had not confirmed how many contract employees Telecel has, and how many of these will face the axe as we still await official communication on the matter.

Job cuts in the telecoms sector are imminent as technology with converged systems deeply cutting the revenue streams from the conventional GSM based phone calls.
telecel Whatsapp

Instant messaging apps likes WhatsApp, Skype and Viber have deeply encroached into their wallets, as millions of subscribers have found comfort in other alternative means of communication, punching a heavy blow against GSM based voice calls.

We will be posting the full update to the story here.

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