Telecel Drag Race Pumps High Tech Engines


Last Saturday i had to take time off to witness the other side of high tech while highly pimped, powerful engines took turns during a burn out for supremacy.

The Telecel Zimbabwe sponsored event saw thousands of Zimbabweans converging at Donny Brook drag race convene to witness third instalment of the 2014 Telecel Drag Racing Series.

With Various drag races from sport cars, pimped scooters and high speed motor bikes, Donny brook was set on fire as engines roared to life, screeching tires to supremacy, much to the amusement of the crowds.

“Special additional attraction of the ‘Rail Car’ from South Africa, piloted and owned by Reg Murray, an ex-Zimbabwean motor racing champion from years past was at the main stage This was the second appearance for this amazing, purpose designed vehicle at a Dragpro Series event, following on from its first attendance last year in July,” said Kiv Speight, a committee member of the Dragpro Club
Telecel Drag race 2 engie 2
Both modified vehicles and standard engines showcased their prowess with the ongoing feud between the two fastest vehicles of previous events, these being the two Suzuki GSX-R 1000 Superbikes of Les Carlsson and Phil Archenoul.
Draggers took turns to battle it all out till the late hours of the day displaying some mighty pimping skills and high tech, locally pimped engines for Zimbabweans by Zimbabweans set for international show case.

With most hotly contested races burning it out over a 400 metre stretch,” With Elapsed times of around 10.4 seconds from a standing start, and Terminal speeds in the region of 230Kph, it is testament to the mighty power and capability of these modern machines.”
The next and final drag race for the year will be coming in September and we look forward to the new high powered tech engines.

Nicole Madziwa

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