Telecel Chit Chat Radio Show Wins Award


If you are a techie,  then by now you should be aware of the Telecel Chit Chat Show, one of the radio show that has  got the tech world ticking and surely a must listen programme for those who are not in the know.

By Tongai Mwenje

The popular Telecel Chit Chat radio programme, which keeps listeners informed about the latest trends in technology and looks at how they could be applied locally, was runner-up for the Best Sponsored Radio Programme Award, at the recent NGOMA Awards.

Telecel Chit Chat, which is hosted by radio personality Zororo Makamba. is broadcast every Thursday at 4.30 pm on ZiFM Stereo. Demystifying Insurance came first in the Sponsored Radio Programme category.

The NGOMA awards, which are intended to recognise and reward excellence and innovation in advertising in Zimbabwe, are held every year by the Zimbabwe Advertising Practitioners Association (ZAPA).

This year’s event, which was held at Cresta Lodge in Harare, was the 10th edition of the annual awards, which started in 2004.Creativity and effectiveness are the main criteria used in judging the winners of the awards.

The international judge on the panel of judges said he was impressed with both the winner and the runner-up in the Sponsored Radio Programme category, as he felt they both had a relevance to the audience and had managed to link that relevance to the brand being advertised, which in the case of Chit Chat was Telecel.

Among the topics that have been discussed on Telecel Chit Chat are ‘Social media’s growing influence in Zimbabwe’ and ‘Websites and Apps and their relevance in the Zimbabwean context’.

This year’s runner-up award is the third consecutive award that Telecel has won at the NGOMA Awards. It won an Ngoma Award last year and the year before.

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