Telecel Boss Vere Honoured

Telecel Zimbabwe Chief Executive Officer Mrs Angeline Vere was last week confered with a Zim Women Roar award for her contribution in the ICT sector.

The awards were organised by a female centric online magazine DivasInc and a reputation management firm Huckleberry.

She has been at the helm of the telecommunication company since 2015.  Vere joined Telecel  in 2004 where she was a legal advisor before assuming the Acting CEO position. Presenting the award, TelOne Managing Director Chipo Mtasa commended Vere for maintaining the Telecel brand as one of the leading ones in the country.

“She is someone who has really done it for us. Done it not just for telecommunication but done it for Zimbabwe in a real big way. And has carried the flag.If she has managed to sustain this brand to where it is. Angeline, you have sustained it. I have no doubt where Telecel is headed,” she said.

She encouraged Vere not to be swayed off-track by competitors.

Mtasa profiled Vere.

“So who is this Angeline Vere we are honouring today. Who I have the privilege to honour today.

“Mrs Angeline Vere is the current CEO of Telecel Zimbabwe. Having assumed the position in June 2015, Mrs Vere is a registered Legal practitioner who has worked for the Attorney General’s office in both the criminal, and civil division. She has over 19 years’ experience in telecommunication.  Having previously worked for TelOne. Yah. TelOne has got solid ground in here! And also TeleAccess, and the Broadcasting Authority of Zimbabwe. She holds a Masters in laws, Bachelors of Laws Honours Degree, a diploma in Finance and Accounting and in Telecommunication. And she is currently enrolled in Law PhD in research with the University of Aston in UK.  Mrs Vere other than that, she is currently chair of the Telecommunications Operators Association of Zimbabwe. The biggest, I think Telecommunications, we are a US$1 billion sector and she is chairing that. And Mrs Vere is our boss in the telecommunication sector,” she said.

Added Mtasa, “Mrs Vere is a devoted Christian and a Rotarian. She is a devoted mother, a devoted wife amongst other major things that she does.”

Vere in her acceptance speech said she stumbled upon the telecommunication calling despite having a strong legal background.

“It is by grace of God that I stand here. I never thought I would end up in Telecoms. I thought I would end up in the courtroom. That’s what I enjoyed more. But I ended up joining PTC, and unknowlingly I ended up loving telecoms. And I just gravitated towards Telecoms until I ended up where I am today,” she said.

In patriarchal industry, she has managed to hold her head high to head the Telecommunication Operators Association of Zimbabwe as mentioned by Mtasa.

“And it’s a male dominated industry. I can tell you, there are about five or six which is quite big in the industry. CEOs and MDs, Chipo, Rudo, Rudo Mudavanhu. Yah out of five or six men. Its amazing. Its amazing,” said Vere.

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