Telecel Announces 43 Winners In Go to Brazil Bhora Promotion 2nd Draw

A total of 43 Telecel subscribers were today (Wednesday) presented with cellphones, World Cup football jerseys and cash prizes they won in the Go to Brazil Bhora promotion.

By Tongai Mwenje

Two subscribers each won a Sony Xperia V cellphone while 15 were announced winners of genuine football jerseys of countries participating in the World Cup. Twenty-six others won cash prizes of $500 each. The money was deposited into their telecash accounts.

Cash prize winner Josa Magiya was visibly excited when his name was announced as one of the cash prize winners. He said when he initially heard about the promotion he was sceptical about it but decided to enter the promotion.

“I feel happy to have won one of the prizes today. When I first heard about the promotion I thought it was just a way of robbing us of our money but it has proved to be a genuine promotion and Telecel an honest company.

“I am going to tell my friends and encourage them to also play. I will also keep playing because I want the $10 000 cash prize,” he said.

Some participants in this promotion, including Raymond Rosenberg, who won a cash prize of $500 and a cellphone, and Mejury Mavunga, who won a jersey, had won cellphones, a laptop and a VW Polo vehicle in previous promotions.

“Telecel has really proved genuine,” said Mejury Mavunga, who won a VW Polo and a Samsung Galaxy S2 cellphone in the Win Big promotion last year

“I will keep playing in this promotion until I win the $10 000 cash prize,” she said.

Telecel Zimbabwe marketing director Octivius Kahiya congratulated the winners and thanked all the participants for their support.“Thank you for the support you have given the product and the brand. It is you who make us exist. Without you and your support there is no company called Telecel,” said Mr Kahiya.

Telecel Zimbabwe general manager Angeline Vere also congratulated the winners. She invited them to give Telecel feedback on its service too.

“Thank you for participating in this promotion and congratulations. I hope one of you will go to Brazil because you are all still in the running for the final draw.

“Now that you have won, tell someone. Go and tell your friends about us. Tell them the good work that Telecel is doing. Tell them we are genuine,” she said.

“If you have issues with your network, tell us. Tell us where we are doing it wrong and how we can improve. We are in this together,” she said, adding that Telecel had more promotions planned.

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