Telecash Now Receives Money Via Mukuru, Free Of Charge!


Telecel has partnered with Mukuru to enable their clients to instantly receive money, from South Africa, directly into their telecash mobile wallets. The money will reflect instantly in the recipient’s Telecash wallet without any charges.

This is a great benefit to Telecel subscribers who will no longer need to queue for long periods of time at a bank or retailer to collect money sent from abroad.

Additionally, it also makes it easier for those who live far away from urban areas to receive the money sent to them as they will no longer need to travel long distances.

Provided their sender uses Mukuru and chooses the Telecash collection option, the money will instantly arrive onto the recipient’s Telecash mobile wallet for immediate use. The recipient can then buy airtime, pay bills or send money to anyone with a mobile phone in Zimbabwe.

The money can also be withdrawn from any Telecash outlet or agent – of which there are more than 3 700 locations across the country, both in urban and rural areas.

Telecel subscribers with a telecash Gold Card can also use the card to cash out or pay for goods and services on over 5 000 ZimSwitch POS machines in various locations like shops across the country.

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