Telcos Rescue ZBC Viewers, Sponsored World Cup

Zimbabwe Telecommunication operators together with other well wishers have rescued the financially crippled ZBC beam the world Cup by grabbing the biggest marketing opportunity through sponsorship. 

After Zimbabwe warriors were booted out of the 2015 Africa Cup of Nations by the so called minnows of Tanzania and these left scores of local football supporters with mixed feelings. The outcome of the game jeopardised our chances of participating in the 2015 tournament. We have to wait a little bit longer for another opportunity to come by for the nation cup qualification.

By Tongai Mwenje

After all that painful event of crashing out in the preliminary round and the  bruises on our supporting spirit, we then quickly got a healing world cup pill which can cure our wounds at least for now courtesy of our local ISPs. Local ISPs which includes Netone, Telone and Powertel have partnered with various stakeholders for world cup broadcasting.

Those who are not on DSTv  platform have been put on equal footing with their DSTv subscribers counterparts since they are now able to access the proceedings in Brazil via their aerial. This means that the match will be accessible to people who access ZBC via their aerial, their cries and worries have been answered at least for now.

Everyone across the country, be it ZBC TV subscribers or Dstv, can now connect to Brazil in the comfort of their homes.Whether in remote or urban areas as long as one has got a Television set and an external antenna they are on the go courtesy of our local ISPs.

The broadcasting also comes with competitions where participants can walk away with Netone dongles and Powertel handsets. The competitions are in question form and participants will send their answers to a Netone number via SMS platform.

The Netone competition is open to Netone subscribers, meaning only those on Netone network are eligible to participate and stand a chance to walk away with Netone dongles. Contrary to Netone competition, the Powertel competition is open to everyone but this comes with a clause where only COUPLES are eligible to compete for the prices. I know most of you have got questions about the couple thing, before we publish the story we tried to get hold of the Powertel team to ask them the reason behind that but unfortunately our efforts were fruitless.

The sponsors have also used the opportunity to market and advertise their products through caps and T-shirts worn by the panellists during the discussions. Netone is pushing its One Wallet mobile money transfer product as well as the $1 per Day voice call promotion from Netone to Netone subscribers. Telone is pushing its uncelebrated landline services and also its ADSL broadband.

Thanks to the sponsors for awarding us such an event. It is with this social responsibility from our ISPs that we had an opportunity to experience or witness the goal line technology employed by FIFA some time ago to avoid discrepancies and controversy on some unclear goal instances. The game between France and Honduras has given us such an opportunity to have a feel on how the product works.

In that instance the referees had disallowed the goal which we thought was scored by Karim Benzema, the goal technology then comes in and cleared the mist, it was a clean on goal from the Honduras goal keeper. Among other sponsors of the World Cup broadcasting are ZB Bank, ZETDC, and POSB. I hope we are enjoying the games just as me and your teams are giving you the value of the sponsor’s money.

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