TechZim Turns 10!

Happy birthday to TechZim, as they turn a decade of consistent information dissemination this month, what a journey!

They are one of the pioneering blogs in Zimbabwe, it was not as easy as it is today. They cracked it first setting precedence for most blogs including TechnoMag to also join the online business.

By Toneo

Of course back then it was never a business it was all blogging and sharing your piece of mind on topics that mattered, ultimately it grew into something that earned real revenues.

I remember some 9 years back when I used to wonder where to get basic tech information in Zimbabwe, then after some few Google searches, boom, I stumbled upon Techzim.

Back then getting some information online wasn’t easy, it took a lot of time to get updated information and yes you had to get a reliable dial-up connection.

Techzim did a very good job in making sure one accesses specific information like trends and stats that really helped you go by, and of course their news was very informative.

For me, my close up experience with the faces behind Techzim was when I attended an event called Jumpstart!

This was a very important event in the tech sector, it called for various players to pitch their projects.

Unfortunately, it died along the way and is no longer remembered by many, but it played a very critical role. Back then It was quite important as they provided seed capital to Jumpstart projects.

This industry has its ups and downs, like our economy, but TechZim stands strong after a decade, once again, happy birthday!

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