#TechStaff: What is All-IP Interconnection? The link between your mobile networks and other ISPs


IP interconnection is the physical linking of an operator’s IP Network with the IP equipment or facilities that belong to another operator’s network.

By Cisco Eng. Shingie Lev Muringi 

This is the technology used to link your mobile network service providers such as NetOne, Econet, Telecel and other international operators. It is under this same technology that International roaming services are born.

It will allow customers to make an IP call, enabling all the features of enriched calling, to another subscriber on another IP network.

It is the linking of two or more operators’ networks, either domestically within a country or internationally, so that the calls remain entirely on IP network infrastructure and do not fall back to older legacy services during call routing.

Who benefits from all-IP interconnection?

  • Operators;
  • OEMs;
  • Network vendors;
  • Partners; and
  • Consumers.

What are the advantages of all-IP interconnection?

If IP-communications can be interconnected successfully, they will:

  • Provide consumers with inter-operable VoLTE (with HD voice quality), ViLTE, plus rich communication services;
  • Provide operators with scalability and increased reachability of IP-based communications services;
  • Enable operators to reach contacts seamlessly across networks;
  • Enable operators to reduce/replace their legacy CS-based interconnection;
  • Let operators enjoy a resurgence in the relevance of their core service offering; and
  • Let operators have a level of control, influence and reach that goes far beyond networks, surpassing anything the industry has seen to date.

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