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TechnoMag Was Down, We Were Moving Servers.

We would like to apologies to all our readers who faced difficluties in the past few days as we migrated our server from one hosting company to the other.

The process has not been smooth and faced some glitches forcing us to be either completely not reachable, or had intermittent connectivity. This was caused by some difficulties we had in restoring the backup files which needed some tweaking even when we thought we were ready to go live

We are now almost completely done with full database recovered and images and videos we have been running since 2012.

Our SSL certificate is also back, up and running and no mofre need to take extra steps to connect.

However our mail server may still be experiencing challenges and we kindly ask you to be a little more patient as we complete the migration process, while we use alternatives.

We are hopefully that full service will return very soon and all shall be back to normal soon , much to your reading pleasure.

Ecocash is back, But Not Yet Smooth.

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