TechnoMag Video Interviews Econet Boss, “No EcocashSave to Competitors”

During the recent EcocashSave, Launched by Econet Wireless Zimbabwe, TechnoMag caught up with the Econet Bosses, the Chief Executive Officer Mr Duglas Mboweni and also alongside him the CEO at Econet Services Mr Darlington Mandivenga.

During our one On One interview, Econet revealed that their major move will be taking aboard all other banks, as the great initiative is not only exclusive to their Steward Bank (TN Bank), but all other banks willing shall be interconnected.

Mr Douglas Mboweni told TechnoMag that “it is our philosophy to connect as many banks as possible, so its not exclusive, we have started with Steward Bank yes, but certainly we are willing to connect other banks”
[c attid=”6353″ aption id=”attachment_6353″ align=”alignright” width=”300″]TechnoMag interviews Econet CEO Mr Douglas Mboweni TechnoMag interviews Econet CEO Mr Douglas Mboweni[/caption]
Mr Mandivenga also told TechnoMag that a whopping 4% interest will be attained from every single dollar deposit made by subscribers at no monthly banking charges making the EcocashSave account the most profitable account ever to be introduced in the post hyper inflationary environment.

It was however unfortunate that Econet said the other mobile operators, (direct competitors) will and can not be beneficiaries of this initiative, as of now.

We feel this cuts out other brothers and sisters from the other networks to also benefit from this banking scheme, besides, Econet Still benefits more on charging these subscribers.

Econet cited different business interest as the main reason why other mobile operators will not be connected to the EcocashSave network, let alone the Ecocash service altogether.

While Speaking to TechnoMag, the Econet bosses debated that other mobile players should rather be much more creative and come up with competing services instead of Econet being blamed for not incorporating competitors.

Here is more from the Econet bosses.

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