TechnoMag “Pilot- testing” website!

By The Editor.

TechnoMag on Friday night  (7 December 2012) went live to test its website, the same night during the ICT Achievers awards 2012 event.

Our main aim is to inform and update our readers on various technological trends in Zimbabwe so that our readers are kept updated.

Besides Technology News in Zimbabwe, we are adding our voice to the technological ecosystem and already trending on , Opinion Review &Analysyses, Software Hardware tips, Tech Jobs,Tech Movies,Downloads and many more facets of  technology.
I shall hasten to say this is not the official launch of our website but rather a test run of our content and its impact and relevance to the Zimbabwean and international readers.
Our current platform is also not so flexible with the mobile readers as we are yet to launch the actual website with a mobile website to cater for a majority readers in Zimbabwe who use mobile devices to browse websites
The current platform is also a simple word press theme, to deliver content as a pilot test before we officially launch the website which is almost completely done now. This shall be a critical phase for us to first analyse before we finally offer our bundled product.
We predict that this test run will last only for a month which means by January next year, TechnoMag will be officially launching its website, but in the meantime, lots of work will be done to improve our delivery structures as we also keep you updated daily from our existing structures.
The official launch of the website will be done simultaneously with the actual launch of the hard copy/ print copy of our Technology Magazine
The best user experience on the current platform will be felt by users on desktops because of the current graphics setup while a less functional mobile site is already up for those on mobile devices.
In the meantime your comments, inputs and criticisms are greatly welcome as we finally prepare to give you the package that we strongly believe will add value to your technological briefcase

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