TechnoMag Officially Launched; The Full Story

[c attid=”5786″ aption id=”attachment_5786″ align=”alignleft” width=”225″] Zimpapers CTO darlick marandure[/caption]Zimbabwe`s technology magazine officially went live at an event held last week at Holiday inn which attracted over a hundered of technology stakeholders.
The TechnoMag official launch was witnessed and sponsored by Telone, Telecel, Africom, Powertel, Econet, Gtel, Zol, Zimpost, Zimhosts amongst giant companies in Zimbabwe technology. This was done to bring the product which for a long time was only known at grassroots level, also to the corporates.

[c attid=”5789″ aption id=”attachment_5789″ align=”alignleft” width=”300″] delegates from ISPs and Captains of the industry following proceedings[/caption]

Although TechnoMag was officially launched last week, the project has been ongoing online with a serious social networking following of Facebook, Twitter and Youtube for the past two years which warmed up the stage for the official launch of the website.

Outside the players and the service providers, the launch day also attracted reps from the University of Zimbabwe, Harare Institute of Technology (HIT), Chinhoyi University, Harare polytechnic college, Trust Academy, Speciss College, Herentials college, PACE college amongst others.
This was done to sell the idea to the educational fraternity as the Technology magazine has a strong inclination to educational technology hence bringing the educators aboard would only make it more relevant.

The founding editor of TechnoMag Mr Tonderai Toneo Rutsito said “The internet shatters the borders but today I still feel that students are not fully accessing the opportunities online to make education much easier and progressive in a click of few buttons,”
[c attid=”5787″ aption id=”attachment_5787″ align=”alignleft” width=”225″] TechnoMag Founder and Editor In Chief[/caption]
He said he envisions an online world which sees connectivity solving virtually every problem so long as the platform is provided and people are interconnected.
“It is our vision to create an online presence where students across various learning institutions can engage each other to solve various common issues across their curriculum. We would want to create a supervised online chatroom where college and university students of the same inclination can easily discuss and share solutions to their academic problems, supervised by lectures” said Rutsito.

The newly launched website unveiled a first of its kind video interview slot, live video streaming news on their Ustream channel plus video reviews on their YouTube page also embedded on their website.
This is mainly done to embrace technological tools to achieve our daily tasks in a none conventional manner. Besides reading we believe there are many other interesting ways to gather information via technology hence the video and audio options.
TechnoMag  introduced a marketing takeover campaign online on their website where they will be branding the whole website according to the specs of the product or brand being pushed by any marketer. This also takes advantage of the unused side space on most websites as this can be commercialised.
TechnoMag also introduced a QR code on their official logo. This is an image that you can take using your smartphone  camera or industrial code readers to deduce more information about the brand and product information from a simple picture.
What makes TechnoMag unique from ordinary news websites is its new fresh digital content of backed by interactive technology quiz, technology jokes, Do It Yourself Tips and tricks, Technology jobs and brainteasers which not any other website is providing in Zimbabwe.
[c attid=”5795″ aption id=”attachment_5795″ align=”alignleft” width=”300″] ICT Suppliers Chairmain Mr Muvuti[/caption]
The launch day was graced by the Computer Society of Zimbabwe, Zimbabwe union of Journalists, ICT Suppliers of Zimbabwe chairman Mr Harold Muvuti, and officiated by the Zimpapers Chief Technology Officer, Mr Darlick Marandure.
The majority of attendees were TechnoMag fans invited via facebook, twitter and radio show. This marked the official trending of the technology magazine complimenting other technological websites in Zimbabwe.

The Zimpapers CTO advised players to seriously embrace and implement technological advancements for the development and growth of business via ICTs. He also added that the use of technology can directly lead to mass expansion of the national GDP and the spread of such informative information via online portals is a vital key player.

The full day event had an exhibition from 8am to 6pm, which then spilled over to the official launch which kickstarted late after the exhibition, as it took the management team time to spruce up the stage. The midday exhibition averagely had a low turnout, but for first timers more could be done.

TechnoMag daily readership fluctuates around 2000 unique visitors and has a monthly 800 000 hits, all attained in less than one year of operation, setting the pace for greater heights in the next few years as Zimbabweans embrace Technology.

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