TechnoMag Is Hiring: Writers, PA, Marketers &Graphic Designer.

TechnoMag is Zimbabwes premier’s Technology Magazine. We seek to inform, educate, update and entertain our readers on local, regional and international technological developments.
TechnoMag is a new Technological company with only 7 months of official existence.
<a href="">Our official web Launch</a> of <a href=""></a>  was on the 21<sup>st</sup> of September 2013 at Holiday Inn and we are excited about  the future and what it holds for us.
Due to the  growth of our vision, We have new positions that have risen and we are excited to offer you this opportunity to join us.
TechnoMag, is made up of a team of passionate young techies, we love tech, enjoy tech, think tech and we keep learning new concepts every day.
How well can you sink into a technological environment? Are you passionate about technology?  Are you active online In any community? Do you have an active twitter account? Are you willing to spend much of  your time down the technological hole.
We are excited to work on various technological aspects  with ONLY passionate people.
If this side of life really excites you then you are the person we are looking for.
Please no chancers or time wasters, this not just a job offer it’s an adventure with people who are excited by technology.
<strong>Deadline for submission is the 29th of April.</strong>
Please send mail with CV plus motivational letter to<strong> joinus[at]</strong>
<strong>Candidates should be STRICTLY 30yrs or Below</strong>
<b>1.       </b><b><span style="text-decoration: underline;">Tech Writers</span></b>
<b>Position : Full Time </b>
<b>Description:</b> This exciting opportunity opens doors for people who FULLY understand technological trends are excited to share their moments daily with the world.
<a href=""><img class="alignleft size-full wp-image-12046" alt="7" src="" width="600" height="200" /></a>
<strong><a href="">See more here </a></strong>
<b> </b>
<b>2. PA to The CEO</b>
<b>Position:</b> <b>Full Time</b>
<b>Description:</b> This is the most challenging job we have to offer in the meantime. Working with TechnoMag
s CEO is the most demanding task. It demands so much resources, commitment and resilience. The CEO has a busy day throughout inside and outside office premises or hours.
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3. Graphic Designer
Description: This is a very exciting opportunity to showcase creativity. How good can you express various concepts in graphics? Can you tell a full story in exciting images.
TechnoMag Jobs
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4. Marketing Personnel
Position:  Full Time
Description: we have an exciting opportunity for you to showcase your prowess. How well can you engage and sell.
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