TechnoMag Introduces A First, With Short links for readers


TechnoMag has become one of the first companies in Zimbabwe, after codesage technology  to introduce short codes to aid the online community and readers with so much ease and flexibility to share links online.

A normal url or website address has more than 80 characters making it virtually impossible for a human mind to remember such a link and hence making sharing from one`s memory impossible.

By Wilson Mtetwa

The TechnoMag short link service now makes it possible for technology followers and pundits in Zimbabwe to easily know and memorize a link from TechnoMag as it reduces the more than 90 characters to only 10.

TechnoMag has made life easier by creating a short urldomain called which shortens website addresses for easy sharing.

A short link like is an active url that actually lands to a full story on

This also comes in easy on social network, with twitter which naturally limits characters online, The Short link from TechnoMag makes life easier for micro bloggers to spread the links without wasting out on characters, although twitter can now easily read long links as shortened.

TechnoMag becomes the second technology company in Zimbabwe after code sage and the only news website in Zimbabwe embracing such a technology to give users a world class experience.


The founder and Editor in Chief of TechnoMag Mr Toneo Tonderai Rutsito, said this is one of the many products they are yet to unveil early to the Zimbabwean market as we spearhead technology for our community.

“We are inspired by the Spirit of pioneering, innovating new ideas that changes lives and trends for our readers is top of our priority, this year will be a year when TechnoMag will be unleashing so many products and services yet to be announced in due course”

The founder added that “we have been pilot testing the  short codes for a long time time and they are already out there in the public domain as we speak”, he added

TechnoMag a fairly new technology magazine which has been  in operation for under a year since its  the official launch has managed to attract an average of 5 000 unique visitors daily and 3.5 million hits every month according to last May official statistics, making one of the fastest growing website in Zimbabwe.

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