TechnoMag Website Has Been Down!


It was not you, Yes we have been down, Our Website had some serious issues that we had to work on, leaving us with not any other option but to take it down and work on it offline.
We had some system files which had to be quarantined and work on the database separately to guarantee a flawless website.

We had this weird issue for almost a month now while operational and with no clean back up copy to rectify the nature and worse due to the need to quarantine some files, we apologise we had to take down the website the whole Saturday and some few hours this Sunday morning the 27th of July 2014.

We are glad to announce that all systems are now functional and your favourite website is now back, up and running…
We sincerely apologise and regret the downtime, it was a necessary evil we had to take.

Happy browsing….

Yours Sincerely

The Editor

Nicole Madziwa

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