TechnoMag Founder Inspires Bulawayo Students At NUST

“Do not follow the money, follow your passion and money will be attracted to it many people today are spending work hours in boredom and frustration because they thought it was all about the money, it’s the wrong misconception we have accepted.”

These were the exact words said by the founder and the Editor In Chief of TechnoMag while addressing NUST students in Matabeleland.  

The National University of Science and Technology, NUST yesterday saw the official opening of Career fair, an annual event that attracts students and local business community to exchange value and open opportunities to the region with science and technology in mind.

TechnoMag Founder and Editor In Chief Toneo Rutsito addressing tudents at NUST

TechnoMag Founder and Editor In Chief Toneo Rutsito addressing tudents at NUST

The event saw various technology and innovation companies converge in Matabeleland to create a platform that connect the student with the real world work environment while they demystify most industrial concept which student often hear about

TechnoMag was one of corporates exhibiting and speaking to students on various opportunities in the technology sector and more importantly what they have to offer to solve issues of student attachment problems and employment as well.

technomag stand at nust 2

Speaking to gathered students, The Founder of TechnoMag spoke on the National [email protected] Initiative which was officially launched at NUST, by Deputy CT minister, Hon Win Mlambo as a vital opportunity they have been driving as it runs on the theme, “connecting Higher and Tertiary Institutions  to Business.

He also said we have a national crisis where most students are not allowed to choose their passion and career, but rather this is detected by the results they have at O or A level, forcing them to continue  a career path they never intended to pursue.

technomag stand at nust

The [email protected] initiaive calls in founders and various Heads of Technology companies to explain their intake programs for full time part time and attachment programs. More Importantly it asks them to train Students on entrepreneurial techniques and exchanges advice on how to make it in such an economy.

Last year the [email protected] event was presented by Econet CEO, Mr Douglas Mboweni, NetOne CEO Mr Reward Kangai, DR Shingi Munyeza,  a renowned business mogul,  US Embassy Nicole Finnemann and the Zimbabwe Institute of Engineers. These are key players in driving ICT and Technology and Engineering sector in Zimbabwe.


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