TechnoMag Apologises on the TechZim Broadband Article

By The Editor 

TechnoMag sincerely apologizes to TechZim and all the readers on the mix up of our recently published weekly Herald article.

As a matter of fact, It was TechZim which organised the Broadband Forum 2013, and Telecel Zimbabwe sponsored it, but due to sub-editing errors, the article was misinterpreted by our Print media partner and it gave credit to us, TechnoMag.


The article which came out yesterday (Thursday  16 May) with a head headline “Zim broadband forum a roaring success” had clearly identified and given thumbs up to the event, its purpose and tracked progress.


Unfortunately, at the end of the article there was an honest confusion between, TechnoMag, which wrote the article, and TechZim which organised the article.

The error on the paragraph said” However, the important issue is that Telecel and Technomag should be commended for coming up with such a platform.”

The statement was meant to say Telecel and TechZim instead.

As our core value, TechnoMag, will always cover and promote any technological issue in and around Zimbabwe. We would never take credit where its not due, but rather we are going an extra mile looking for any tech related stories promoting other players.

Before the herald, article was printed, we had published a full story commending TechZim and Telecel for the Successful Forum and another one prior to the event titled TechZim Spearheads Zimbabwe’s Broadband Forum

On that note, a  retraction has been lodged and a correction has already been made on the article.

We sincerely regret any damages the article could have caused.





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