Technology Fails Makandiwa`s Supernatural Phenomena


By Toneo Tonderai Rutsito  & Osbert Hove

Close to 60 000 congregants from United Family International Church  (UFIC) took  their Easter  March inside Harare CBD before they finally converged  at the Africa Unity Square where a rather astounding event occurred and technology refused to bear witness.

While the UFIC spokesperson Pastor Prime Kufakunesu was addressing the visibly excited crowd, he mentioned that for those who can look closely, they can testify that there is a mysterious cloud in the heavens just above us to bear witness as a sign from God.

As the UFIC congregants took time to observe the sky, simultaneously there was a mysterious sign in the cloud. So clear and visible, it first struck off as a rainbow but just before the colours build up, there were rays of purple and gold smudging from the sun.

The Sign2

Cameras were struck up against the sun as photographers struggled to capture the moment, fighting against the visibly weak winter rays of the sun, and dismally most of the photographers came to a naught.

During the same moment Pastor Kufa prompted the crowd to look again into the sky as the rays clearly portrayed the purple and gold colours, “These are the exact colours of our logo beaming through the sky sighed one of the parishioners!”

The Africa Unity Square photographers joined the moment for over 3 minutes desperately trying to capture the moment but disappointingly most photographers ended up blaming their own “High tech” gadgets which are never meant to shoot against the sun anyway.

Soon after the crowd was dispersed TechnoMag caught up with the UFIC spokesman for comment on this occurrence.

Pastor Kufa said” , that’s an amazing phenomenon I don’t know if scientists have a name  for it, of course they will find a way  that it’s a coincidence, but we as Christians knowing  that our God is a God of signs And wonders, we know that he has spoken, why today, why this time and why directly above us?


The prophet even once prophesised above this in 2010, that God will give us  a sign in the sky and I Saw people asking me how we managed to put our logo on the sun, as you have all seen it was all gold and purple  in the sun this is a  sign in the sky.”


The march was a build up towards their highly publicized Judgement Night 2 billed for the National Sports Stadium where an estimated 150 000 is expected.Judgement Night 2 crowd march

Our cameras failed us too, we also tried to come up with some shots but this is what we only managed to capture.


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