I am Zimbabwe.com Launched

By Tongai Mwenje

Zimbabwe will today be celebrating its 34th birthday as many will be holding celebration gatherings at district, provincial and national level. 

Zimbabweans in diaspora have not been left out as they also teamed up to celebrate together with their local counterparts. The Zimbabweans in dispersion have utilised the existence of technology to air or pass their celebratory messages via www.iamzimbabwe.com blog.

Today is a day every Zimbabwean is proud of and wants to be associated with. On this day many people come together regardless of their political affiliations as they celebrate the day they attained their independence.

I AM ZIMBABWE is the name of the campaign that is bringing together 30 individuals from 14 different nations all over the world and rebranding what it means to be Zimbabwean during Independence Day.These individuals engage in a dialogue that allows them to answer questions on what it means to be Zimbabwean, how they have managed to create homes away from home and what the youth should work harder on to improve a Zimbabwe that caters for their needs in all sectors of production.

It mainly focuses on students abroad because, unfortunately, they can’t be home to share and embrace the spirit of nationalism with the rest of Zimbabwe but that hasn’t deterred them from engaging in the best way possible courtesy of technological advancement.Below are some of the messages they shared via that website platform.

Kudzayi Hunkedza in Annaba, Algeria, said the flag captures what it means to be Zimbabwean.

“Being Zimbabwean is embodied in the beauty of our nation’s flag. Its colours symbolise qualities that define what it means to be Zimbabwean,” he said.

Jennifer Mutimbidziri in Newfoundland, Canada urged young people to explore their abilities for the betterment of their lives.

‘’As we salute the ones who made it possible, for all Zimbabweans to have freedom, let’s make this day a great one!!!! Happy Independence Day Zimbabwe,” she said.

Leila Van Zuydam who is based in Utah, USA said Zimbabweans based in the Diaspora had to bring back home knowledge acquired abroad.

“I think that if we bring our knowledge learned abroad and our kind hearts back to Zimbabwe we will all be able to help ourselves and others cater for Zimbabwe’s needs. Makorokoto Zimbabwe on your independence!  I wish you every success possible for the future,” she said.

The gripping debate can be accessed on www.iamzimbabwe.com


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