Less than 24hrs, Techie In & Out of The New ZBC Board, Prof Moyo Forgot To Google.

By Toneo Tonderai Rutsito
We had prematurely celebrated the entry of Technologists into the fresh new ZBC board with the appointment of Dennis Magaya of Rubiem Technologies as the chairman and the Chief Operating Officer of Africom Ms Rudo Mudavanhu

Well for less than 24hrs, the new ZBC board which was being led by a “renowned” technologist, entrepreneur and ICT expert Dr Dennis Magaya has found its chair packing.

Out of interest, when Hon Minister, Professor Jonathan Moyo announced the entry of two technologists, we simply “googled” this name which still had some fading memories but alas , Google does not easily forget.
Dennis magaya screen shot

The learned professor probably forgot to use this simple free tool before promoting or announcing such a candidate as the chairman.

Not to mean Mr Magaya is too dirty nor is a sacrificial lamb but this simply goes to expose the same people who did a background check to appoint him only to publicly humiliate him on revelations of information easily accessible in the public domain.
A report on Magaya in the Financial Gazzete states that :

Dennis Magaya, a business strategy consultant who was controversially appointed by State-owned ZESA Holdings’ subsidiary Powertel Communications in 2012, is earning a monthly salary of about US$44 000.

This comes at a time when workers at the company are grappling with low salaries, with peers in other ZESA units earning far less than what Magaya is taking home.

Documents seen by this newspaper indicate that the government-owned internet services provider engaged Magaya on a fixed-term contract which commenced on September 1, 2012. The contract will run up to August 31, 2015.Magaya is currently pocketing a monthly salary of US$25 176,64 plus a bonus of US$18 610,12 which translates into an annual amount of US$528 000.
He is entitled to this package upto August this year, and will be eligible to an upward review that could run up to the end of his contract.

Previously, Magaya was earning a monthly salary of US$26 000 and a bonus of US$13 140,59 under phase one of his contract which ran from September 1, 2012 to August 31, 2013.

Phase two of the contract, which runs from September 1, 2014 to August 31, 2015, will see Magaya earning a monthly salary of US$24 145,01 and a monthly bonus of US$20 231. The contract is currently in phase two.
Magaya was engaged by the company to implement a five-year business plan he drafted for Powertel through his company, Rubiem Technologies.

Sources with intimate knowledge of what transpired said Magaya’s appointment was fast tracked by ZESA’s group chief executive officer, Josh Chifamba, and board chairman Francis Chirimuuta, in clear defiance of a State Procurement Board (SPB) resolution that had rebuffed the appointment of Rubiem Technologies

Strange enough this report was only produced few backs, whether or not these were mere allegations is another story but definitely there is more to that story prompting the Hon Minister to withdraw appointment.

The herald reported that ;

“This is after the ministry learnt today that despite Dr Magaya’s previous submissions, backed by a documented record, his consultancy services to Powertel face serious allegations some of which have been previously raised by some sections of the media.

“The allegations are that he has been a recipient of inflated consultancy fees and that he has been an undeserving beneficiary of the corruption of tender procedures by the recently dissolved Powertel board. Powertel falls under the ministry of Energy and Power Development.”

Prof Moyo added: “In particular and of great concern to the ministry, it has since transpired that after designing a US$25 million new strategy for Powertel, the recently dissolved Powertel board proceeded to hire Dr Magaya to implement his own design despite the fact that the State Procurement Board had specifically disqualified his company from participating in the tender on grounds that he was conflicted as the designer of the strategy which was the subject of the tender.

“Accordingly, and not withstanding Dr Magaya’s vast experience and impeccable professional background which stood him in good stead to serve on the new ZBC board, the ministry is unable to retain him as a member and chairman of the board given that the allegations he faces at Powertel precisely echo the rot that has bedevilled ZBC.

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