#TechExperts: Call for Africa e-learning Week

There is need to adopt a multi sectoral approach in regards to promoting the implementation of e-learning in our education system at continental level. One way of doing that is to launch a continental e-learning week designed to raise awareness on the importance of e-learning.

All stakeholders which include governments, non governmental organisations, donors, schools, colleges, universities, families, communities, e-activists, etc will be given space to play their part in the promotion of e-learning and establish dialogues with stakeholders.

By Shepherd Chimururi 

The e-learning week event will be launched in order to contribute to give greater visibility to the existing challenges on the mother continent.

For the week to be relevant it has to address challenges inhibiting the growth of e-learning on the continental like lack of teacher specialized training, lack of ICT equipment, provision of age appropriate programmes and software, lack of electricity in remote areas, lack of financial resources to commission researches and procure equipment and prohibitive costs of internet rates coupled with slow speeds.

It is a platform that offers students an opportunity to develop their computer operating skills and gain recognition for their efforts.

Schools should register their activities with their local districts to be supervised and officiated. It is also important to note that even a school without computers can do they have to improvise.

One computer and a projector can enable e-learning at a school. The standing rule for the week should be no chalk, no duster and no verbose. This event will go a long way in establishing institutional role models.

Just like other school activities like soccer e-learning can be used for grooming programmers, designers, technicians. Experts in the field will be engaged too, to research and deliver presentations. Teachers too need to participate. Teachers will need to prepare presentation get recorded in advance.

To enhance staff and student adoption and e-learning experience, a series of school-based and college based e-learning week activities must be planned and executed. Selected subjects will be taught using online and offline e-learning platforms in place of usual face-to-face lectures. Recorded video lectures can be used in areas were there is no internet facilities.

Remember e-learning can be used as a solution to emergencies or pandemics. The case of school lessons disrupted by floods in the rural district of Tsholotsho where teachers are resisting to come for lessons during holiday to make up lost time.

Unlike the traditional consultation were parents come to converse with teachers the e-learning week parents will be coming in as learners as well. It will give students a platform to showcase Communication and Technology (ICT) skills.

All stakeholders need to organise awareness raising activities, training or volunteering activities like free computer lessons for parents, establishment of community based ICT centres and girl child ICT empowerment programmes.

As an individual you need to promote the week within your network, among your friends and church members. Communication and support materials need to be printed and distributed.

Financial support in mini grants can be given to some stakeholders who need it.

Shepherd Chimururi (Executive Director – Dzidzo Inhaka Audio Visual Learning).
Mobile:+263 772 608 276
[email protected]

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