#TechExchange: What If We Had Gateway Mobile Apps?

The goal of an app is to provide the right tools to make life easier. That is why it’s important to find an app that covers all the bases to streamline daily operations.

So here are a few pointers on why I find it intuitive for companies in Zimbabwe to share mobile applications.

By Widdlack Nyahwedegwe

Mobile apps are software programs you can download and access directly using your phone or another device.

Imagine if there could be an application which works as a hub for mobile money transfers. If Ecocash, Telecash, OneWallet and others could be accessed through one application. There will be convenience to the user and service providers and also a hike in the marketing costs since monopoly is created by the application.

Touchscreen smartphone with cloud of colorful application icons isolated on white background

Unfortunately in the current Zimbabwe economic situation one has multiple bank accounts with several banks and this means one has to install more than seven (7+) mobile apps on his/her smartphone.

What if there could be a single application that links all banks. One would install just one application which supports transactions from different kind of banks. This also instill trust in other small banks from the customers thereby advantaging the bank.

Just come to think of it, if com (an online shopping website) could have features of Paynow and create an application that allows you to do your grocery shopping on your phone and pay using any of the available payment systems in Zimbabwe then ta dah!You are done and you just wait for your delivery, from any one or multiple supermarkets.

Just come to think of it, if companies in the same trade would share a mobile application. There is shared resources and direct marketing channels opened.

If companies merge for a particular application, chances are that customers are likely to get a service with higher efficiency and quality thereby increasing demand and use of the service hence more revenues to the organizations.


Widdlack Nyahwedegwe is the co-founder of TownsTech Pvt Ltd.
TownsTech is a company that specialises in Webdesigning and Webhosting.

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