#TechExchange: Disrupt or Be Disrupted: 5 Reasons Why Your Business Should Go Digital in 2017

It’s 2017 and it’s undeniable that digital is the new face of business. The internet is the backbone of the 21st century, every sector, every industry is held together glued to this backbone.

 The mantra on everyone’s mouth is think digital and think mobile. If you’ve passively heard terms like Social Media Marketing, Viral Marketing, Online Branding, Cloud Computing, Big Data but never understood what the noise is all about, this article might be for you. Read on.

Tamuka James Chinzvende

 I will highlight why your business should go digital, or rather why your business needs a digital presence.


  1. The World is now Global.


Your small business is locally based and has a potential customer base of 5000 right? Wrong! So long as you’re running a business in 2017, your potential customer base is an excess of 5 Billion people, yes! You’ve heard that right, 5 Billion. There are now less sophisticated for you to sell and deliver your product or service (in less than a week) to people in the United States, China, South Africa or any part of the world while you are locally based in Zimbabwe.


  1. Social Media Marketing is really a thing.


Did you know that Facebook got over $20 Billion in ad revenue in the year 2016 alone? The amazing thing is that the figure is greater than that of any media house. Big brands like Apple, coke, Toyota, etc. are really pouring money into social networks to advertise their products. The reason they are blessing Facebook with millions of dollars to just advertise is because they know that their Return on Investment (ROI) will be excellent, no matter the odds. Don’t be left behind.

Tamuka James chinzvende


  1. The African Digital Revolution is coming.


According to the Global Centre for Statistics, there are going to be over a billion smartphones in Africa by the year 2022. According to internetworldstats.com, In Zimbabwe alone, the internet penetration rate is now around 50%, which means about 6 million Zimbabweans can access the internet and of those, a combined 2 million use either Facebook or twitter or both. Also, around 30% of Zimbabwean millennials use instagram. There are tremendous opportunities for those who will grab them, the only question you should ask yourself is, “How many of those people are you going to reach?”


  1. It’s no longer the age of Directories.


This is 2017, and calling is really an inconvenience. Undoubtedly, one of the best ways for a customer to find out about an excellent service or product that you’re selling is by going on a Google search tab and typing the name of your brand. Try it, Go on Google and type the name of your Company, if something else appears which is not in any way related to your company, then it’s much more likely that you’ve lost about 5000 potential customers because of one reason- You don’t have a powerful digital presence and you are therefore, hard to reach


  1. Disrupt or be disrupted.


The digital market is disrupting things and if you are not disrupting, you are being disrupted, there are no two ways. Need I say more on this subject, just search for yellow cabs vs. Uber, you’ll see what I mean.


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