#TechExchange: A Closer Look Into Global Warming

The Zimbabwean school curriculum continues to teach theoretical content on global warming in Geography and Agricultural subjects but a little has been done to en-light the young scholars on the sudden death which creation face from global warming.  

By Environment Advocate: Shingie Levison Muringi 

One of the world’s most powerful Presidents, Barack Obama of the United Sates of America has been very vocal about industrial ignorance to global warming. Joined by other world’s most influential personalities, he continues to advocate for safe industrial practices that will nullify the serious impact of global warming to so many lives we hold dear in these rapidly changing environments.

This subject is a cause of concern for every citizen, whether educated or not, because beyond the sunset we all face untold suffering through the ever rising global temperatures, famine, hunger, forestry degradation and many other ill-effects of the curse of global warming.

Global Warming - Planting Wilting

Global Warming is the major force behind dry seasons witnessed by plant wilting and poor harvests.

It’s hard to think of many things powerful enough to disrupt life across our entire planet. Huge natural disasters like earthquakes, erupting volcanoes, or tsunamis (freak tidal waves) can affect many thousands of people, but their impacts are usually confined to just one region of the world. Terrorist attacks cause worldwide panic and horror, but their effects are usually quite localized. Catastrophic nuclear explosions, like the one that happened at the Chernobyl Nuclear Plant in the Ukraine in 1986, can spread “fallout” (toxic radioactive debris) across an entire continent—but even they do not affect the whole Earth.

Global warming, which is a gradual rising of Earth’s temperature, is different from all these, representing a scale of threat greater than anything humans have faced in recent history. Unless we tackle the problem soon, it could transform the planet we life on, making the climate (Earth’s weather patterns) much more erratic, forcing many species into extinction, and making life much harder especially for people in developing countries.

So What is Global Warming?

Imagine you live in a timber shack in Tynald or Chitungwiza. It’s chilly up there, so you build yourself a huge log fire and pile on all the wood you can find. To start with, the fire seems a great idea especially since it’s so cold outside. The shack warms up slowly, but predictably, and it’s soon pretty cosy. Since the shack is much warmer than the atmosphere and ground that surround it, it loses heat quite quickly.

If the fire supplies heat at the same rate as the shack loses it, the shack stays at roughly the same temperature. But if you make the fire too big, the shack will get hotter… and hotter… and hotter. Before long, you’ll start feeling uncomfortable. You might wish you’d never made the fire so big in the first place. But once it’s burning, there’s nothing you can do to stop it. The shack will keep getting hotter long after you stop piling wood on the fire.


Global warming is working a bit like this. Thanks to a variety of things that people do, Earth is getting slightly warmer year by year. It’s not really warming up noticeably at least not in the short term. In fact, since 1900, the whole planet has warmed up only by around 0.8 degrees Celsius. By the end of the 21st century, however, global warming is likely to cause an increase in Earth’s temperature of around 2–5 degrees Celsius. There is a 75 percent chance of a 2–3 degree warming and a 50 percent chance of a 5 degree warming, and scientists agree that the warming is most likely to be around 3 degrees.

Global Warming 2050 prediction

Scientists have predicted that there will be no living plant by 2050 if the world continue to neglect the urgent need to curb global warming.

Now even a 5-degree warming might not sound like much to worry about, but 5 degrees is roughly how much difference there is between the world as it is today and as it was during the last Ice Age. In other words, when we came out of the Ice Age, the planet warmed by 5 degrees over about 5000 years. Modern climate change threatens to produce the same amount of a warming in as little as a century! Once something as big as a planet starts to warm up, it’s very hard to slow down the process and almost impossible to stop it completely. Global warming means Big Trouble.

Well if you do not know, Scientists who carried thorough researches and well credited forecasts have predicted that the planet will be without a single living tree by 2050 if people continue to neglect the industrial impact on all gifts of nature.

In our next Chapter, we will cut deeper into the causes of Global Warming and how best can we gang up to fight against this ever rising destructive phenomenon. Yes its time for everyone to wake up now, everyone has a critical part to play in the fight against global warming.

The battle for relevance continues….follow Shingie Levison Muringi on twitter @ShingieMuringi1, Shingie Chelsea Muringi on Facebook and the TechnoMag Blog. Shingie Levison Muringi is the Deputy Editor of TechnoMag and also the Chief Technology Research Specialist of the publication.

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